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Setterstix "Pointed Paper Sticks" - available in lengths of 4.5 inch (114mm) to 7 inches (178mm) and diameters of 11/64 inch (4.4mm); 7/32 inch (5.5mm); 15/64 inch (6.0mm)

Why pointed paper sticks are better than wood!

Safety - consumers are especially safety conscious today.  Why risk loosing a sale by using the dangerous wooden sticks or risk a disruptive law suit as a result of injury to a customer. 
Attractive - the bright white color suggests cleanliness, while at the same time presenting a pleasing color contrast to the food.
Approved - zoos and parks support the safer aspects of this high grade paper stick, which, if eaten, is digestible.
Serviceable - after insertion into the food, the slight moisture absorption allows a swelling that increases the bond between the stick and your food
Ecological - paper sticks are completely biodegradable & decompose more readily than wood, posing no environmental threat.


The Setter "Apple Sticker" for candy apples or similar stick insertion applications

Setterstix Photo   Setterstix Photo
Fast       Simple       Sensible

- improves your candy apple display, as each stick is inserted straight & uniform
- each stick is inserted the proper depth each time
- prevents the physical hazard from broken wooden sticks
 - makes even part-time help expert apple stickers